JoomlaCloner Automatic Restore!

Path configuration: check PhpInfo
Security Note: after restore delete the Joomla.Cloner.php script from your server
Install directory:

please enter the full server path to the install directory, must have writing permissions
Install Url:

please enter the url of where Joomla will be accessible from, can be remote also if you use the ftp function below to other host
Choose clone archive to install:
Mysql configuration:
import mysql database
incremental sql import ( recommended for large databases)
Character set of the file:
Mysql server:
Mysql username:
Mysql password:
Mysql database:
Files transfer and configuration:
Skip files restore, will attempt to restore only database
restore files permission
Restore by using the server utilities unzip/tar
Install files throught ftp: - incremental transfer

this will attempt to transfer all files through ftp, so the owner keep it's permissions, can be used to send files to other hosts also, *recommended
Ftp server:
Ftp user:
Ftp pass:
Ftp path:
ftp root path of where Joomla will be installed
Install files directly:

transfering the files directly will cause some permissions problem in some cases, but it's faster than the other option

*after hitting submit please wait for the package to get unarchived and transfered through ftp if it is the case!
NOTE:*** IMPORTANT - if you plan to apply this script to a live site - upgrade or fresh install over existing files please make sure you first make a backup of them!
JoomlaCloner Restore Version 1.9.0
For support and questions please visit us at